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Seamless Kumihimo Magatama Bracelet (comfort fitting) & "Fantastic" matching Earrings.. NOTE: Print front, and back, Fold for booklet

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Seamless Magatamas! Comfort fitting bangle. This Listing for a digital download of a pattern booklet demonstrating how to create this Kumihimo bangle using the Beaded Kumihimo Braiding technique. You will also learn how to create these Fun, Fantastic Magatama Earrings to match. The bangles and earrings themselves are not a part of this listing. THE PATTERN MUST BE PRINTED FRONT & BACK and then folded in half to create a Tutorial booklet. Supplies needed for this technique are as follows: C-LON Cord TEX 210, #18 Size 8 seed beads, (2 grams for earrings, 6 grams for bangle) 4X7 Magatamas (6 grams for earrings, 18 grams for bangle) 12 inches of 1-2mm chain 1 pair Ear wires Tapestry Needle Size 10 beading needle (bangle) Beading Thread of choice (bangle) Copyright ©2016 "Seamless Magatama Bangle" & Fantastic Earrings by Sonia-Corbin Davis, Cordavi Designs. All rights reserved. These instructions are for personal use only. Please do not distribute, lend or copy any portion of this document. Reproduction and distribution of these instructions in whole or in part, in any form, without the author’s written consent, is strictly prohibited . It is OK with Sonia Corbin-Davis, The Jewelry Instructor, if you want to sell your completed pieces. Please remember always to give original artist credit for their designs.