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Kumihimo Multi-Faceted Necklace Tutorial..........."Delphina"

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KUMIHIMO OUTSIDE THE BOX (KOB) is how I would describe this Multi-faceted Necklace. This listing is for an Instant download showing how to create this beautiful necklace. The physical item is not a part of this listing. However if you would like a custom order. Please feel free to inquire. If you love Kumihimo like I do, you will enjoy making this wonderful multi-faceted necklace. You will need to know how to construct the round 8 element Kumihimo structure of Kongoh Gumi (round braid). ****Purchaser must also be familiar with braiding around a core. Please contact the shop owner if you do not have access to a local craft store or bead shop, for there are additional supplies needed for this tutorial that can easily be found at your local craft stores. Beads needed for project: 26 grams of size 8 seed beads, 7 grams of size 11 seed beads, 19-22 10mm round beads, 1 large hole bead (at least a 2mm hole diameter) These weights are for glass beads. However the numeric amount of beads used are approx. 1026 size 8 seed beads, and 765 size 11 seed beads. Join the Jewelry Instructor on facebook, in Kumihimo New Dimensions to see more of Kumihimo Outside the Box! This listing is a PDF file containing instructions for making this necklace. Purchase of this tutorial grants the purchaser the right to personally make and sell their creations using this tutorial, following these particular instructions. Mass (factory) production is not permitted. Please do not distribute, copy, or take from the contents of these instructions. Please do not teach the techniques included in these instructions without prior consent and/or acknowledgment of the Author/Designer. Sonia Davis ©2015 "Delphina" Beaded Kumihimo Multi-faceted Necklace.