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Kumi Soutache Collar

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The Jewelry Instructor captured the sheer essence of the phrase, Kumihimo Outside of the Box with this one. The idea of this pattern came to me in my sleep. Yes it really did! I was teaching both Kumihimo & Soutache at the bead shop all month long. The question came to my mind, "I wonder what Soutache will look like if I braided it?" The rest is history............................ The instructions in this tutorial touches on the basics of Soutache. It will help if you had an understanding or minimal experience in creating Soutache Bead embroidery. The structure in this pattern is 10 element flat braid pattern. You can use disk, plate, or dai for this pattern. The materials used in this pattern are Soutache braid (8 1/3 yards), Selection of 6-10mm round beads (at least 12), size 8 seed beads for trim (optional), small 2x2 piece of ultra suede, needle, thread of choice, scissors, & fabric glue. Think of the many possibilities you can create using the basis of this pattern as a start. ENJOY!!!